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Full Set                                                   $30

~Acrylic applied over a white or natural tip. Can also be applied over your natural nail without using a tip.

Specialty Full Set                                  $40 and up

~Acrylic applied on a colored tip or any colored or sparkle acrylic applied on tip or the full nail.

Sculptured Nails                                   $60

~A form is used to build the tip with acrylic with acrylic applied to the natural nail.

Fill                                                           $18

~A fill is required for acrylic nails approximately every two to three weeks to fill in the growth of the natural nail from the nail bed.

Backfill                                                   $30

~A backfill is required for acrylic nails approximately every four to six weeks to fill in the growth of the tip and natural nail from the nail bed. A backfill can also be done to change the tip color.

Repair                                                    $3 each

~Broke, cracked, or chipped nails? I can fix it for you!

Removal                                                $20

Removal w/New Set                           $10

Note:  If you need to have your acrylics removed before your new set please let me know so that I can allow enough time for your appointment.



Basic Mani                                              $20

~A Manicure includes nail cutting and filing to the clients specifications. After soaking, the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed free of excess cuticle material. This is followed by a relaxing hand and wrist massage and polish.

Spa Mani                                                 $30

~Same as manicure plus a scrub to exfoliate is applied following a mask with heated moist towels. This is followed by a relaxing hand and wrist massage and polish.


Gelish Mani                                              $25

~Nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticles pushed back. A special polish is applied that is cured under a LED light in just seconds. Many colors to chose from. This polish will last up to 21 days. Hand and Nail Harmony's Gelish is used.

Note:  This polish can be used on your natural nail, acrylics or gels. All over color or any color french is included with this price.

Polish Change                                           $10

~This service is for nail shaping and polish only for your fingers or toes. (A polish change is included with other services.)

Princess Polish Change                           $5

~Girls 12 and under.

Nail Art                                                       $2 each

                                                                    $10 for all fingers

Dangles                                                     $5 each

~A small hole is placed in the tip of your nail and a small charm is added.

Smile Line                                                 $5 added to service

~Many colors to choose to add a smile line for that personal touch!

French Polish                                            $5 added to service

~White or any color of your choice polished on the tip of your nails.

Note:  If you would like to add nail art to your service please let me now at the time you book your appointment so that I can allow enough time for your service.